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Mrs. Andrea S Blake, ESQ Non - Court Public and Private Mediator

State Approved Adoption Provider, Corporate Conflict Dispute Mediator, Anti - Bullying Program Coordinator

6054 Wilmington Ave

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

P: (609) 837-7180
F: (609) 543-2370


 2020 - Mrs. Andrea S Blake - State Approved Adoption Provider, New Jersey Youth and Family Service Approved and Certified Provder (PRIDE) ParaProfessional Special Counsel,  NJ Registrated Public and Private Mediator, NJ license Approved Adoption Provider, NJ Essex County Children Advocate Service Child Advocate and Substance Abuse Mediator, Family Visitation Mediator, Child Support Mediator, Corporate Conflict Resolution Mediator.  CEO & Board Member of The Blake Foundation -The Blake Foundation - Open- . Thee Firm, Anti - Bullying  Program Coordinator, Former employee of Lucent Technology and The Hackensack News - Editor & Administrator NIE Division.



New Jersey Youth and Family Certified Provider - P.R.I.D.E  2008

Cornell Edx University Online Law  Certificate of Contracts- 2019

HARDVARD UNIVERSITY EDX:  Continue Education Online - 2019 - Present

Mediators / Mediate University Online - 2020 - Present

Udemy University: License, Certified, Certificate to Marriages – 2019

Center for Mediation and Training 04/03/2020 - Current


Honors and Awards

  -  Special Training and Skills:  New Jersey Youth and Family Services Certificate - PRIDE - 2003, Gilmore Tabernacle Church of A.M.E. 1999 - 2002 Substance Abuse and Marriage Performance  Counselor,  Essex County Children Advocate Services 2004 -2018 - Cerrtificate of Family Mediation,  Mediate University Online Course – Certification - Present 2020,  Lucent Technology - Warren & Cherry Hills, NJ 1998 -1999 - Certificate in Quality Performance, New Jersey Children Protection - 2014 License Approved Adoption Provider / Vendor.


Board Member and Memberships

New Jersey Children Protection - 2008 License Approved Adoption Provider / Vendor

New Jersey Association of Professionals Mediators – NJAPM – Membership

The Center for Mediation and Training - Membership - Membership

Harvard University Edx - Membership

Udemy - Membership

Thee Firm – Board Member

The Blake Foundation - Board Member

BFNJO – Board Member

Tommie’s Girls – Board Member

Taylor Made Designs – Board Member


Andrea expertise are Adoption, Anti-Bullying, Brand Products, Community Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Corporate & Non Profit Organizations, Family law and Divorce, Immigration, Marriage Counseling, Small Claims, Social Security, Gang and Street mediation. Mediators are required to contiune educational  courses and training on a regular bases. Andrea is currently studying for New Jersey Court Royster Certification for the State of New Jersey Court System. She also have her own private line perfume and oil product line that are soon to come out into stores Fall of  2020. Her Book signings have been cancelled for June 2020. Rain Date: TBD







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