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Combat Engineer Vet., License Notary Republic and Commission,  AMERICAN ASSOICATION OF NOTARIES # 1042745, Drug Mediation, Pastor  and Marriage Thomas R Blake of Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

Gilmore Tabernacle Church of God. 1995. - Jimmy Swaggart Member since 1990


Performed marriages at your location or at the Hilton Hotels throughout the State of New Jersey. Make an appointment today. 


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License Notary Commissioner

THOMAS R BLAKE, U.S.A. Combat Engineer Vet.

License and Board Member of The Blake Foundation


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As everyone in the legal field knows, time is money. When an important case is in the works, spending excessive – though necessary – time on the details can be costly, both in funds and aggravation.

One of the bothersome but nonnegotiable tasks to be completed is notarization. A signed document lacking official notarization is virtually worthless in a court of law. An impartial Notary Public is essential in legalizing the existence and validity of the document and signature for submission to a case. Searching for a reputable Notary when required can be an irritating chore when working under a tight deadline.

At The Firm, our clients can get documents, get them notarized, and get them delivered, all at one convenient address, thanks to the presence of our on-staff Notaries Public, authorized by the state of New Jersey.

Our notary service is entirely mobile, saving our clients time and stress. Walk-in services are unavailable – and unnecessary! – as our Notary perform authorizations while actively traveling.


Upload your documets along with proof of your identity. After we cross check your identity and prove that  the name on the driver's license are the same name that's on each document to be notarize and receive payment  on the same day we will notarize your document/s and express your document back to you by FEDEX mailing services or USPS Ground, a copy send to your email address that we have on file or the email address that you have entered during check out. Documents that we notarize.




MORTGAGE COMPANIES - doing business with

LOANS COMPANIES - doing business with

SCHOOLS  - doing business with

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS  - doing business with


All public and private individuals are welcome. Upload and pay for express notary without leaving your home or office.

Each document / letter is $5.00 for Notary and $3.75 for  Ground and  FEDEX Overnight $25.00 - $34.00.

If you are a client of the firm we already have your ID you do not need to fax or upload your driver's license for identity again.  Sign into your account pay the fees and fax over your documents.  New clients must fax over their ID.  The name/s on the documents must match the name that is on your driver's license or the Business name that are recorded with the Internal Revenue Services.

Acceptable ID:

Driver's License

Student ID

Business Tax ID #




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